Maya Rivera
Maya Rivera Actor
Maya Isabelle Rivera Morley
Quepos, Costa Rica
Birth date
November 16, 1999
Show(s) Status
Maya Rivera (born November 16, 1999) is a Costa Rican/Canadian actress who auditioned for the role of Lexi Mikai on Everlasting.

Biography Edit

Maya Rivera was born November 16, 1999 in Quepos, Costa Rica. Maya is the oldest of two children, born from Pedro, who was of Jamaican descent, and Kristine, who was of Canadian descent. Maya has a younger brother, Ben. Growing up in Quepos, Costa Rica, Maya's passion was penny boarding until she was about 12 years old when she decided to become an actress. She auditioned to play the role of Lexi Mikai in the show Everlasting.

Trivia Edit

  • Maya's nicknames are: Maya Papaya, and May-yay.
  • Maya was born on November 16, 1999 in Queops, Costa Rica.
  • Maya is fluent in Spanish.
  • Maya is a Scorpio.
  • Maya is right-handed.